Friday, 29 September 2017

The most beautiful andalucian village - Casares


Casares is a magical beautiful white village with whitewashed, sugar-cube houses climbing the steep mountain hill. It is located fifteen kilometres inland of Estepona, to the west of Marbella, in the Malaga province of Andalucí­a. Casares was built 4035 meters above sea level where the views are so breathtaking you will think you are looking at a postcard.


Casares occupies a distinguished place in the history of Andalucía
The history of Casares can be traced as far as 100.000 years back in time! Then the inhabitants, the Neanderthals lived in caves in the Sierra de la Utrera and lived from hunting and fishing. It was an excellent area with caves, natural water springs and a rich animal life.
The Neanderthals where later replaced by the Homo Sapiens about 6.000 years ago who lived in the large cave called  ”Cueva de Gran Duque”. They seem to have been dedicated to (except from hunting and acgriculture) ceramic production. They made pots, which were carefully decorated as well as bracelets and necklaces.
Later the inhabitants moved out of the caves and built huts and with time created small villages  ”villas”.

The Romans settled down and created the village Lacipo just outside the current village of Casares. They built roads and advanced water systems and minted their own coins, which could still be found in the ground in the area as soon as 10 years ago.

Julius Ceasar is said to have given name to the village Casares. And he was the one contructing the “Baños de la Hedionda” where he took baths to cure his psoriasis. Still people cover their bodies with the mud from the sulphur bath and claim to get better health from it.

After the Romans the the Moors came and settled down about 800 years ago and they were the ones building the large fortress still existing on the top of the village as well as the mere part of the original village.
The strategic positions and excellent views has made Casares impossible to conquered for several intents as for example the Napoleonic trops. It also was one of the last villages to be christened after the moors.


Beside ancient castle, several churches and chapels you can find in Casares many traditional tapas bars and quaint cafes, most of them in the Plaza de Espana. 

It's great just to walk around to take in the serenity of the place and the winding alleys between the immaculately kept houses.

Climb up past Arrabal via Puerta Calle to the Castle. There is a cemetery located within the grounds of the Castle which is unique because of it's circular shape. There are whitewashed niches and this is a good place to rest whilst taking in the beautiful views.

There are a number of signed walks just outside the village. Some lead to the top of nearby hills where to can get even better views of the white village. Walk the Sierra Cristilina for natural beauty or you can take the popular walk down the river valley to Manilva.

Casares with its dominating view is a magical place to visit, and offers those who stay an authentic andalusian experience.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Attractions for children on the Costa del Sol

If you're looking for fun, age-appropriate places for small kids, this is your resource! We know how difficult is to find a proper attraction on holidays. That's why we have picked them up for you.

Mundo Mania
Play and party centre.

Located in Estepona it is an ideal party and play centre for toddlers, youngsters, teens and parents and has a huge range of leisure and play facilities inside and outside for all the family in a safe and family friendly environment.

Tivoli World
Family entertaiment centre.

The only theme park on the coast. They have exciting rides for young and old with lots of themed restaurants to eat in and in high season a varied entertainment programme with shows.

Butterfly Park of Benalmadena      
Thai temple with exotic butterflies from around the world.

Mariposario de Benalmadena is a fairly new park which features more than 1,500 butterflies and 150 different species in their natural habitat. It’s hard to spend longer than an hour inside but there are touch screen computer educational games outside in the lobby and a gift shop and cafe facilities.


Bioparc Fuengirola
Zoo with animals & birds in naturalistic enclosures, a recreated jungle clearing & kids play area.

A lovely zoo designed on the ‘ zooinmersion’ concept. The animals are all kept in enclosures where you can look through glass walls or peer over the walls or through viewing points. The objective is to conserve and protect the animals and the zoo is considered one of the best parks in Europe.

Sealife Aquarium
Interesting displays and fish to be seen.

Ideally located on Benalmadena port. Visit during feeding times and witness a unique experience. 

Selwo Marina
The only Dolphinarium in Andalucia.

An excellent day out for all the family. Enjoy great dolphin and sea lion shows throughout the day. There is also an exotic bird and mysterious nature show plus you can enter the fascinating world of penguins in Ice Island. With  a new play area for the kids and touch pools with a variety of fish, including stingrays swimming around, there really is something for everyone. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter in Spain

Locally known as Semana Santa (Holy Week), Easter is the most important celebration in Spain, and stands out for its epic elaborate processions and unique, age-old traditions specific to each region. The atmosphere that characterizes the festivities is usually solemn, the picture spectacular, and everything seems fully immersed in emotion. 

Like everywhere in Spain, the festivities begin on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos – this year it’s on 9th of April) and last until Easter Monday (Lunes de Pascua), with the most dramatic and passionate parades held on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Although each Spanish region, and even city and village, has its own particular customs and practices during this time of year, Semana Santa celebrations are nowhere else as elaborate and spectacular as they are in Andalusia, the sunny south of the country. Here, the most important Catholic holiday is commemorated with a week full of color, art, religious fervor, and extravagant processions. The most spectacular events take place in Malaga and Seville, where the streets are taken over by flamboyant parades and intricate religious displays depicting biblical scenes.

In Malaga, Semana Santa is celebrated with various religious and military parades accompanied by live marching bands, inviting incense, and floral scents, as well as lots of colour and cheer.

One of the most distinctive features is the presence of tronos – huge ornate floats that are carried through the streets of Malaga by hundreds of church members. These remarkable thrones are adorned with religious sculptures depicting Jesus or Mary, some created by renowned Spanish artists. The floats are festooned with flowers and candles and are the focal point of the procession. They are escorted by groups of penitents wearing long purple robes and women dressed in black and wearing mantilla - a black lace veil worn high on the back of the head. 

Other attractions are saetas singing by people on balconies along the procession route. The throne stops or slows down during this traditional religious song. Semana Santa processions parades from their church to the city’s cathedral. To spot the start of a procession, look out for the giant cross that is always carried at the front.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Gibraltar Music Festival

Gibraltar Music Festival is an annual music festival held in Gibraltar since 2012. The event is organised by the Government of Gibraltar as part of the celebrations running up to Gibraltar National Day.

Gibraltar Music Festival has grown in recent years and now includes some of the biggest names in rock and pop like Duran Duran, The Script, Ne-Yo and Kings of Leon. It takes place in Victoria Stadium, which is named after Victoria Beckham, who visited the peninsula with her husband while he was playing for Real Madrid in the early '80s.  The event is firmly established as one of Europe’s major summer festivals, featuring international headliners and showcasing local talents.

On 17th of January MTV UK has announced first ever partnership with HM Government of Gibraltar. Gibraltar Music Festival will evolved into MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling, which will be staged at the Victoria Stadium across two days on the 2nd and 3rd September this year.

With its sunny climate and stunning views, Gibraltar is a fantastic location for an outdoor live music event. Along with the music, the festival also offers a wide selection of food and drink to cater for all tastes, and a children’s area with entertainment. The festival has a family friendly atmosphere and its unique location offers a one-of-a kind experience and an unbeatable aura.

Tickets for the event are set to go on sale on 1st March 2017. For further information on the event, ticketing and artists please visit Besides all-important ticket remember to bring passport to gain entry into Gibraltar from Spain.


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Boat trips on Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol with glorious sunshine, 190 miles of beautiful coast and an amazing array of resorts and rental properties is still a firm favourite with travellers from around the world.
One of the most popular activities on Costa del Sol is a boat trip along the coast. There's nothing quite like heading out on the water, feeling the waves, and admiring the beautiful coast. A boat trip adds a different dimension to the holiday and will keep everyone fully entertained for a good few hours.
When you try to book a boat ride anywhere along the Costa del Sol you will be awash with offers. There is a wide range of types of boats available for charter, suitable for every need and price range.

1. Fishing boats

The fisherman looking to reel in the catch of the day will be impressed by fully equipped fishing boats

2. Watersports

Families and thrill-seekers will love exhilarating high-performance speedboats, ready to take on 360º turns, as well as pull tubes, water skiers, and wake boarders.

3. Sailing boats

The sailing enthusiast will be wowed by a day out on a sailboat or sailing yacht, the gusting wind ensuring that everyone has a great time. 

4. Catamarans

Perhaps a catamaran will be exactly what you're looking for. Great for a day of relaxing and hops off for dips in the sea. The big catamarans are also popular for events and parties. And you might even spot some dolphins during the ride!

5. Luxury yachts

Finally, luxury yachts are also available. These impressive ships, housing a kitchen, dinning room, multiple cabins and bathrooms, and sometimes even a jacuzzi, are perfect for luxury getaways and weddings alike. With the possibility of catering available, there isn't really much you'll have to worry about.

Depending on the charter, different options can be included. Some will have drinks and snacks, while others can feature catering or a DJ. Some boat charters may also include a fuel allowance, but for some you will have to fill up the tank yourself.
All charter boats can be rented with or without crew members. If you chose to hire a charter with crew, they all have professional qualifications. Those who wish to hire a ship without crew must show a personal licence for the particular boat.  Whether you opt to rent with or without a crew, all boats are flagged and registered and you will be sure to have a wonderful experience. 
Boats are available for charter for a set number of hours or even for over night and multi-day tripsThere are quite a number of boat excursions that you can book while holidaying on Costa del Sol and depart from all of the major ports including Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Marbella. There are also a number of trips that commence in the Gibraltar and Tarifa areas of the coast.

If what you are looking for is a celebrity-style break, packed with luxury, designer shops and out of this world nightlife than your place is MarbellaThe night life in Puerto Banus is also as well known, and being the most important marina in the area, holds some of the most luxurious yachts in the world. 

But if what you are into is sandy, secluded beaches and understated luxury, then your spot is the super classy Sotogrande, where peace and quiet live together, with great sailing, polo games and lots of golf! Sotogrande is internationally renowned as Europe’s largest and most prestigious estate, offering over 20 kilometers of coastline with stunning views of Gibraltar and North Africa.

Once you've decided where you want to go and on which kind of tour, check out all the prices you can find online (it might be worth looking on TripAdvisor for reviews first) and then compare them to any you've been offered by tour guides or reps. Armed with the price knowledge you should be able to haggle a good price, particularly if there's a group of you. Before booking also check the basics, such as if transfers and refreshments are included, what happens if the trip is called off due to bad weather, and if the trip is covered by your holiday insurance.

Things to take with you and safety tips:

  • Wear a hat – You don’t want to get sunstroke do you?
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol – Say no more!
  • Take plenty of sun cream – This ain’t blighty! The sun will be hot!
  • Don’t fool about – Accidents can and will happen
  • Take a sick bag – Mainly for the kids
  • Drink plenty of water – Keep yourself and the children hydrated
  • Take your swimwear – You may stop for a dip!
  • Watch the children at all times – Better safe than sorry!
  • Don’t forget your camera – You want to catch all those great moments right?

Although these tips may seem pretty obvious to most people, you would be amazed at just how many holidaymakers end up either sunburnt, dehydrated or intoxicated. Use your head and you will enjoy the boat trip for all the right reasons.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Our favourite restaurants

We want to share with you some of our favourite dining places in Manilva area. They are sorted by location and popularity. If you already visited them please share your feedback with us by leaving comment below this post.

There are a lot of restaurants along the promenade of Sabinillas that are suitable for small children as you can sit in a restaurant and they can play on the beach (within sight) or near playgrounds.


Paseo Maritimo.  

Open:  Every day  7 - 11pm

+34 952-89-37-88


Paseo Maritimo.  

Cafeteria & Creperia.

Open: Every day from 10am

+34 952-936-254


Fernando Pessoa.  

Argentinean restaurant.

Tel. +34 952-892-173


Calle Maria Zambrano 7.  

Seafood.  Loved by locals!

Open: 1-4pm, 8pm - late

Tel.  +34 687-754-536


Plaza Ginebra.

Tapas / Spanish bar.

Tel. +34 952-892-672   



Marina – Upper level.

Irish restaurant & bar.

Open:  from 6 till late



Mediterranean restaurant. 

Open:  From 6 p.m. till midnight.

Tel. +34 952-890-395


Plaza de la Fuente.  

Argentinean cuisine.

Open:  Afternoons

Tel. +34 951-273-623


Open: Every day from 10 

Tel. +34 607-562-712


Plaza de la Fuente 15. 

Italian restaurant.

Open: Mon-Fri 7pm-12am, 

Sat-Sunday 1pm-12am

Tel. +34 952-890-520



Calle Alboran 2 / El Castillo. 

Mediterranean restaurant.

Open: Thu – Tue 1-4pm and 7-11pm

Tel. +34 952-890-231


Camino del Peñoncillo 21.

Spanish restaurant.

Always open.

Tel. +34 687-491-281


Plaza Miramar 12.  

Andalusian cuisine.

Open: Thu-Tue from 1pm

Tel. +34 952-890-766


Castillo de la Duquesa.

Indian restaurant.

Open from 6.30 pm till late.

Tel. +34 952-893-952


Eroski supermarket.

Fast food, British.

Open:  mornings & afternoons

Tel. +34 951-276 -728 



Casares beach.   

Mediterranean restaurant.

Open:  11.30 – 22.30

Tel. +34 952-890-789


Urb. Montes de Casares.   

Spanish restaurant.

Open:  Tuesday to Saturday

Tel. +34 952-895-152


Carreterra de Casares.  

Andalusian cuisine.

Open:  Wed to Sunday

Tel. +34 952-895-120


Ctra. MA 546. 

Spanish restaurant.

Open:  mornings & afternoons 

Tel. +34 952-894-191 


Plaza Espana 15.  

Spanish restaurant.

Tel. +34 952-894-036


Avda. Mar del Sur.   
Mediterranean restaurant.
Open:  Tuesday to Sunday  12am – 11pm
Tel. +34 956-610-259


Playa de Cala Sardina. 

Mediterranean restaurant, Seafood.

Open:  from 11am to 2am

Tel. +34 619-837-306



Avd Mar del Sur.  

Spanish restaurant.

Open:  1pm – 4pm & 8pm-midnight

Tel. +34 956-615-366


Urb. Playa Guadiaro.  

Mediterranean restaurant.

Tel. +34 956-610-508